Presentation Discussion & Feedback

Presentation 00/03/15

Today’s presentation we presented to Saif (client at Cathedral) and Steph (client at RedBallon) our refined ideas for the Magna Carta application. From there previous feedback we were told to change some aspects that we had initially proposed to them as discussed in a previous post.

The presentation was a success as it gave us a chance formally speak to both of them and discuss issues they had and issues we had with there proposed ideas.


Idea 1 (Magna Facts)

– (Saif) Liked the idea however, another grouped proposed a similar idea which also included a timeline of events surrounding the Magna Carta.

– (Steph) This was a feature they wanted in the app and had approved them to continue with that idea.

Idea 2 (Clause contextualisation & translation)

– (Saif) Really wanted this within the application because its a necessary  feature and would be helpful for more engaging visitors.

– (Saif) like the idea of using the zoomable Magna Carta image as it would allow users to see the small details within the image.

– (Group) suggested that it might be abit boring as its quite a simple concept and will be every text based even though there would be accompanying images/media for each clause

– (Steph) Could the zoomable image be used as a way to navigate to different clause ?

–  (Group) Its a possibility and we would have to look into if this was achievable. However a clear problem is the size of the device (mobile) would make it difficult to use. Would need to be on a larger screen like an iPad or installation screen.

–  (Steph – Saif) Would it be possible to instal iPads in the exhibition area near where the Magna Carta is ?

– (Saif) Yes that would be a great feature for visitors. Is it possible to build the application for an iPad ??

– (Group) Yes it would be possible but we would need to discuss how we would go about creating it for ipad screen size, creating an installation and previous issue of navigating via the image.


After the discussion with Saif and Steph we were given written feedback:

  • Age range: young teens/ Adults
  • Quirky Facts – list of quirky facts to swipe through. Nice idea be we have covered this elsewhere
  • MC Extreme Close Up – Makes use of the high res image the cathedral has.
  • Combine the close up with the translation of key clauses into english – possible translation into different languages
  • use MC as interface – hot spots allow information to pop up and explain things like abbreviations and crossing outs.
  • Cathedral very keen on this idea
  • optimized for iPad and it could be on display in cathedral chapter house.
  • more serious app – useful for research tool.

Saifs Comments – I think we should this of this as something for an ipad in the chapter house. personally, I would like to see a strong visual link between Magna Carta as a document, and being able to understand it through your project. So try and use the image as the entry point.

The clause by clause translation will be interesting as people sometimes try to find where various clause are in the real thing.

Groups Opinion – Going forward from this we need to have a discussion with of how to proceed as this would be a slightly different pathway to the groups as we would be producing it for an iPad and not the same app as everyone else. Secondly we need to look into possible was that we could produce the application as there is some complex and advanced features which we would have to look into.