First Group Meeting

First Meeting preparation

Ok as we all know meeting in the media school foyer at 12 on Monday 23rd Feb (tomorrow). Quick bit of work or something to prepare for tomorrow

  1.  If everyone could look at the brief, the lecture notes and what we have been told so far by RedBallon and decided on what you think are the most important point or things that need to included in the app. E.g the target audience features they want or information they want us to include.
  2. Secondly do some research into what apps for exhibitions, museums or heritage sites currently offer.
  3. Lastly think about how we are going to work this project in terms of all working on the project at the same time and communicating. As rob suggested we might no want you use Facebook and use a more robust or industry form eg WIKI or a Git.
Session Notes

To Do…Market research

  • Any common things
  • good ideas you found
  • Things we need to look at
  • (Information / entertainment)
  • 3 key points from the brief/lecture/
    (Round the circle 3 sticky notes each)


  • Fun, Interactive
  • Client wants to focus on local history
  • Not to much text but must have some
  • Engaging
  • Target people who are not engaged
  • Mixed Media
  • Focus on Magna Carta
  • Information abut legacy of document
  • Current Apps
    ◦ Target audiences is for older
    ◦ Mainly maps and virtual tours
    ◦ Hard to make app with little text and sound
    ◦ Mainly mixed media
    ◦ Many languages
    ◦ Boring

From this research we discussed ….and had common thoughts about

Discussion topics:

  • Focus on Magna Carta
  • Target Audience: -> Demographic of us 16 – 25
  • Not to much Text
  • Local & Legacy
  • Stories/Facts -> Link to legacy
  • Think About
    ◦ Quiz?
    ◦ Multimedia

We had some common ideas surrounding information facts, contextualising the Magna Carta and quiz apps. From the group research and discussion topics we produced 2 possible ideas


  • Interesting Facts (similar to Uber facts small simple quick)
  • Progression from this facts that you answer questions on (Quiz to reinforce meaning of facts)
  • Translation and contextualising application of the Magna Carta clauses

How The Session Worked.



What Next..??