Our Agency

Today our agencies were formed and we are really excited with the group we have formed. Our  ideas that we presented to one another, are either very similar or carry the same weight and style within the idea itself. From this, we believe we will be a real success at creating an app that Salisbury Cathedral really wants and needs, by pulling our brains together and forming an uniformed idea.

The members of the group are listed below, with links to our personal blogs. At the moment we haven’t, assigned each other to a specific role within the agencies however have come to the agreement that Ashley Wilkie is going to be the project manager. We feel that Ashley will really bring the best out of all of our skills within this unit and using his understanding of design and code to be able to use each of our individual strengths to benefit our group.

digital-agencies copy

Our first meeting is on Monday 23rd February, to discuss our idea in greater detail. At the moment we each have our idea that we can use however after visiting Salisbury Cathedral and speaking with the overall project manager of the exhibition it turns out that the ideas that we have formed might no be able to work as limitations within that the Church has implemented on the project. These limitations are, little or no sound and limited amount of text.


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