Pre Agency

We have been given a design Brief for Applied Design Assessment at university as stated below the task has been set out for us. We will be put into groups based upon our initial ideas.

“For 2015 BU’s RedBallon Agency has been commissioned to create a app for Salisbury Cathedrals Magna Carta exhibition in 2015. The app has been conceived/proposed as a series of exploratory interactive and educational works that can be accessed while walking round Salisbury Cathedral (potentially geolocated).”

 The idea is that in groups we will create a section/piece of an app that will be put together by RedBallon into a final finished mobile application for Salisbury Cathedral. As stated in the design brief the app is going to be used as part of the Magna Carta exhibition for its 800th anniversary. RedBallon have provided some addition information bellow.

“The exact nature of the app elements you produce will be developed in conjunction with RedBalloon and Salisbury Cathedral throughout the unit, however potential designs might include, little games, treasure hunts, chat or video experiences, a paint wall, VR, commentary, video elements and a range of little surprises/Easter eggs etc. (this is for example) all of this hopefully presented in a geolocated map around the cathedral (still to be discussed).” (RedBallon, 2015)

From this information provided and relayed to us by the project leader some assumptions can be made about what they are looking for in the app.

  • Fun
  • Interactive
  • Moving Elements
  • Lots of media
  • Less information
  • Connection to the cathedral
  • Use latest technology (GPS)

These ideas have been taken forward to where we used them to create groups based on some initial thoughts. Forming our group/agency


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